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“I love these!!!! You’ve done such a wonderful job.

You are an incredible lady Karin!

Thank you so much,

I truly appreciate the hard work you’ve put in to this!”

– Erin Place

“She is so amazing!!!

I could not fault her work and she has is so gifted in what she does.”

– Bethany McMahon

“We had an absolutely amazing experience with Karin at Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel Newborn Photography!

During the shoot, Karin did amazing work and we were made to feel so welcome, it was a pleasure to see Karin do her work with our newborn.

Today we saw the images and we couldn’t be happier with them!

We found it incredibly hard to choose from them, but we walked away feeling very happy with the experience, from start to finish.

If you are looking for newborn photography, please consider Karin!

She is a beautiful person, her service brilliant and the results will be amazing”

– Sharn Branch

“Hi Karin.

Your photos came out amazing.

We really appreciate what you have done for us.

You’ll do amazing here in Perth and build your clientele in no time.

Thank you again! :-)”

K. Porter


K. Porter

What would you say to others that are considering a session like this?

And what was the best and most memorable moments of your session?

“I would highly recommend them to you. I loved seeing him wrapped up so snug and how nice you were.

I enjoyed watching him lay there, It made me very excited to see the photos.

The photos are absolutely gorgeous, I am very happy”

-A very happy Mama 🙂

One Happy Mama! 🙂

“The most memorable part of the session was ‘enjoying’ how stubborn my daughter was! I would highly recommend Karin.

My reaction to seeing my photos the first time? I was amazed, they are so beautiful.

I was very satisfied with my experience at with Karin at Peas in a Pod by Karin Nagel”

– Karen


K. Martin

What was the most memorable part of your experience with Karin? And how did you feel when you saw your photos?

“Being able to be there with my bub and the warm presence Karin had, watching her soothe my bub and put me at ease.

As well as being able to debrief about my baby and the birth and all the wonderful and not so wonderful aspect ts of the first few days of motherhood.


M. Canham

“The best part of the session and experience was watching Karin shoot, she was very friendly and really good at settling bubs.

Karin does an amazing job and takes the cutest pictures.


Z. Goldney

“The photos of Ava are beautiful, we love all the little macro shots especially of her wispy hair!

Thanks for making the whole experience so wonderful for our new little family!”

F. Allen

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"Mama: Your precious baba will never be this little again. You have one chance to capture their beautiful newborn squishy-ness.

Cars & houses come and go, handbags come and go, but Your newborn - your baby, will start growing and change before your eyes, and it happens so darn quickly!

I want You to remember Your perfect baby exactly as he is NOW, that beautiful smell, the reason you get up every morning (despite the tiredness!)

I want to make those memories last Forever, join me for a beautiful Newborn and Baby Photography session for your little one..."








This blog is mostly a peek into some of my thoughts and reflections, so join me on this journey!

We will be going anywhere from my client work - sneak peak photographs of my adorable little newborn clients, being a newborn & baby photographer, my husband and dog, tips for mum to be or how to cope with the Curve-ball that's Everyday life, to living in Perth - Western Australia, adventures in food DIY, and random musings. Glad you could come along. thank & signiture jpeg



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