"Just weeks from now,

Your little one will no longer fit so tiny in your arms.

They are only this little for so long..." 

What happens when we book a session with you?

The entire portrait process takes place in three different meetings with me. The Pre-Session Consultation (on the phone), your Session and your Viewing & Ordering Appointment in-person.. My focus is to create an amazing experience. I pride myself on exceptional customer service (not just because I talk a lot). At your consultation I will get to know you and you will get to know me. Great portraits begin with a great relationship

What happens at the pre-session consultation?

This is where the excitement starts! We get to sit back, relax and talk about what I can do to create the ideal session for you or we can hold the consultation over the phone, whichever is more convenient for you. When you book, we will have a chat about what you want out of this shoot, so we can tailor the finished product to your tastes and preferences. I will ask about you, your kids, your family, your house, your style! We will also talk about clothes, and what to wear to your session. If you would like to order wall art, I find it helpful to see images of your home so we can discuss styles and presentation. When your session day arrives, I will have everything planned so it goes smoothly – which means LESS stress for you.

What different sessions do you offer?

I specialise in Newborn and baby Photography, I do however have other options available at different times of year, so please contact me for more information

What is the Difference between a Grande and Petite Session?

The two sessions offer different options depending on what your budget is, how customised you want your session to be, and who you would like to photograph your session. Please see our “Investment” tab for more detailed pricing information. A GRANDE session is a fully customised session for baby, siblings and parents, with intricate attention to detail regarding the design and planning of your session, These sessions are planned and photographed by Karin with 20-30 images for you to review and purchase from. My clients may also choose to add on albums and wall art with “Create Your Own Collection.” A PETITE session is a shorter, but still complete session of baby only. Petite sessions are photographed by Karin and offer 15-20 images for your to review and purchase from. Client may also choose to add on albums and wall art with “Create Your Own Collection.” They are prefect for clients who are on a stricter budget.

The Ordering & Viewing appointment….

The Ordering & Viewing Appointment is the time when you get to see all the fruits of the session. The appointment takes place at my studio, and lasts roughly two hours. After Viewing and tearing up, I will help you sort through the images if you so wish, and make final decisions on what will look best displayed on wall art or in an album. I will show you actual size and pair images together for a stunning album or wall gallery. All of the products I offer are sure to get you excited about what lies ahead!

Can I bring my children to the Ordering & Viewing appointment?

Of course you can! Children are welcome, BUT if you would like a chance to relax and concentrate on the beautiful images and products that I will be creating for you, then you might want to arrange childcare. Or we can schedule your appointment when your children are in school.

When do I get to see the images?

You will be able to see your images projected larger than life, in a slideshow set to music during your Ordering & Viewing Appointment 2- 3 weeks after your session. With a GRANDE session, I will help you with all of your final decisions on images and products that I have custom designed just for you. If you selected a Petite Session, in addition to your Digital Collection purchase, you will have the option to order wall size images and/or albums should you desire.

What if I only want a few small prints?

My studio is a full service, high quality studio. I spend an unlimited amount of time on your session from photography to post processing, then provide you with the highest quality images to choose from. If you want gift prints only, we recommend you book the Petite line and invest in smaller digital files so you can print the files how you like up to 8 x 10 inch size.

Why can it be so expensive?

Quality, custom photography by a specially-trained portrait artist is not for everyone, and takes an enormous amount of time and creative commitment. I am priced in order to continue the premier service I provide to my wonderful clients. For example, there are discount stores, department stores and boutiques. Peas in a Pod nay Karin Nagel is a “boutique” style of photography studio with a fine art product and service that comes with this business model. And as blunt as this might seem, I educate my clients that my business model is designed around being able to offer my clients the best products and service, but also to pay my household bills, fuel and mortgage. Thank you for understanding.

What kind of Investment does most families make?

Most of my clients who choose the Grande line and invest anywhere from $1000 to $1700 on their sessions. However, everyone’s needs are different – some spend a little more and some spend less. Clients who select the Petite line typically invest $800-$1000. I also offer payment plans as I understand how expensive it can be with a new little one.

When do I receive my products?

Quality takes time, so please allow 4 weeks from your order date for completion of your order. Custom designed albums and wall products will take longer. But it’s worth the wait! I promise

When should I call to schedule my Newborn session?

Before your baby is born! It is so important to plan ahead. Capturing your newborn within the first two weeks of life while they are still sleepy and curled up, can make all the difference in your newborn portraits. Since we never really know exactly when your little one will arrive, I will put you on my calendar to hold a spot for you. When your baby is born I will move your appointment accordingly. If your baby arrives early or if your baby is already born, don’t panic! I will always do my best to squeeze newborns into my schedule and older babies take beautiful portraits too.

Is one week too early for my session?

Not at all! Newborn babies photograph best between 5-10 days old. At this point these sweet peas are still very sleepy and like to curl up as if they were still in the womb. I take up to three hours for a newborn session and leave plenty of time for feeding, changing, cuddles and breaks for mama and baby. Come as soon as you feel ready. I cannot wait to meet you and your little one!

What should baby wear?

Newborns photograph best without any clothes at all. I also love to photograph newborns dressed in neutral coloured organic, subtle wraps,rompers and pants. I love them swaddled in blankets with lots of texture and snuggled up tight in buckets and baskets. I have a supply of newborn hats, bows and headbands that coordinate beautifully with the blankets and props that I will use to stylize your images. You are welcome to bring any hats or blankets that you would like to have the baby photographed in. I encourage my clients to bring special, personal items which make the session and images especially meaningful

Can I be photographed with my baby?

Most certainly! I wouldn’t have it any other way! I to capture the emotion of those special first days with your new little one and believes that there is no greater image than a new mama or daddy cuddling with and admiring their newborn child. Skin on skin images are a unique way to capture the purity of these relationships, but I also ask parents to bring a long sleeved neutral coloured shirt or dress in neutral colours, so that they may serve as a backdrop for baby for some of the images.