our first home

Our first home

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Our first home…

Sounds idilic right?

I mean everyone would like to get out of the rent trap and be able to tick the home-owners box.

We certainly did, so when we got to Australia, we wasted no time and started our research.

We found not only could we own our own home but we Could build our own home, which was even better.

When we met up with our broker and real-estate consultant, we were armed and ready with a list.

So much so that I’m sure the consultant thought we were going to be a big pain in the bum, however – I like to think of it as organised! (Sorry Ryan)…

We looked at some lots and finally found the right one for us.

We signed on the dotted lines aka signing your life away and pushed on.

We never understood how complicated it is to adult, until we were in the situation ourselves.

A lot of the time excitement got the better of us, which has resulted in noticing little mistakes and things we should have asked for and not. We didn’t realise these things until after our home was handed over to us…hindsight ey?!

However things could have been much worse, in fact we know of neighbours that have had a really bad end of the stick, so I guess in the grand scheme of things our little problems aren’t that bad.

Here is a little timeline of our build:

Then the day came where we finally got our keys! This day was momentous, I had this whole celebration planned, going for dinner etc.

our first home

However as most things nothing ever work out as planned, Pete couldn’t get time off from work to help paint and move, as one of his colleagues rang in sick…we were so upset.

But there was nothing to do so instead we celebrated with a bottle of bubbly, cheese and crackers and the smell of paint in the air, and slept on the floor of our new home.

The next few weeks proved hard, as Pete’s colleague was still of sick, so we hired a truck and moved at night, we had to be out of our rental accommodation sooner than expected…but our new home’s interior walls weren’t even painted yet.

So we moved all of our furniture into our garage and used our picnic baskets crockery and cutlery..

We kept on painting and moving each night, it was a mammoth task! FYI: never sleep in a house that has just had primer put on the walls, and in the winter (so you couldn’t even open the windows). Your eye will burn for days, you will develop flu like symptoms. And with all the painting – you will develop a claw like hand that just keeps cramping.


Thank goodness we finally got the painting done, and then came the fun part. Actually moving in.

We enjoyed moving in so much, being able to unpack all the boxes and just have all your underwear and pyjamas at hand, I missed those.

Come July 2017, we have lived in our own home for one year exactly. It’s gone so quick.

There have been so many plusses.

We made some amazing friends, this is probably the best part – people we would not have otherwise known and now cant see our lives without them in it.

And of course we are having so much fun growing our own fruit and vegetables. The amount of butternut squashes!! Wooooopppppsssss, so many, you wouldn’t believe. HA-HA!

And although this home is not intended to be our forever home, but our little stepping stone, for our grand plan, we love it and will always remember it fondly – as it was our first.

If you keep popping back and follow us on our journey, the cat will eventually be let out of the bag.

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