Turning 30 | A reflection

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Turning 30….

So, as some of you may or may not know, 2017 is the year I turn 30…
Even though I never thought it would, it has suddenly dawned on me…and I’m slightly (only slightly) freaking out…

I know it’s absolutely ridiculous to feel this way, as I know I have nothing to be scared of…(please tell me this is true?)

I think it comes down to that clock that just keeps ticking away. I don’t feel old, nor do I feel like my age defines me, but some days I wake up and think “Shit, you’ve not achieved much!” or “Wow, where the hell did these grey hairs come from?” and panic sets in. These, as of late, are good days.

Then there are those days where say, I go for a run and pull a muscle and I can guarantee it will twinge for days, or I bang my leg against the bed and it bruises…

Or there are just those days where I suddenly just realise how quickly time flies…I mean for Pete’s sake, my youngest brother turns 21 this year and has just gotten married!

So before I go off down a rabbit hole…(which is so unlike me! ;-))

I’ve decided to do a cheesy “30 things to do in the year I turn 30″blog.

I know, I know…lame! Can I still use this word at 30?

But I’m a person that thrives on challenges, so why not? Plus it will definitely set the tone for the next 10+ years, so here goes:

I hope my list is both realistic and achievable. So, in no particular order…

  1. Take swing dance lessons.
  2. Run a second marathon (because I’ve had a brain fart and can’t remember how painful and hard the first one was!)
  3. Learn to scuba dive (I mean, living in Australia, I’d be stupid not to take advantage.)
  4. Learn to play guitar (I’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument.)
  5. Register with the AIPP (it’s a photography thing!)
  6. Make some drastic changes in my small business, and nurture it into something beautiful… – I moved into my own little commercial studio and love it!!! Have a look here.
  7. Take a risk no matter how small (I’m no good at these. Analysis paralysis!)
  8. Overcome a fear…
  9. Visit the South-West of WA (google it! It’s beautiful) – My birthday getaway. It was amazing!! Follow this link for some images!!
  10. Go to the Theatre and see a show!
  11. Go to a crazy concert or show.
  12. Photograph the Milky Way. – The bug has bitten, so I will continue this and grow and bring some beautiful images! 
  13. Make a family tree (really learn my family’s history!)
  14. Take a self portrait – freeze this moment in time.
  15. Set a reading goal (I love reading, but don’t read as much as I should or could, so I need this in my life!)
  16. Sleep on a beach under the stars.
  17. Learn to paddle board (again- living in Australia, I owe it to myself to do this!)
  18. Dress up and go to a really expensive open house!
  19. Leave a nice little note for a stranger(s).
  20. Have really expensive bottle of champagne (because you only turn 30 once!)
  21. Unplug for a week (this will be hard, but in today’s world, I think it’s much needed!)
  22. Learn to make cheese properly.
  23. Have a spa day.
  24. Travel somewhere new in Australia.
  25. See a Ballet (I’ve always wanted to see one, now is the time!!)
  26. Get in a habit of printing my everyday photos!! – Memories are so important.
  27. Volunteer somewhere.
  28. Live intentionally and for each moment.
  29. Learn Yoga  /  Meditation.
  30. Eat something out of the ordinary.

Now, you might think this is a boring list, however it needed to be achievable. And these things, I can and will do.

So, as I’m staring 30 in the face and before I jump over the wall, I thought I would take a different more, *gasp*  positive approach. Here is what I’ve realised:

  • Your parents can be cool and sometimes lame at the same time, but so are you!
  • Oreos are amazing at 3 and at 30.
  • Money doesn’t define your life or you as a person.
  • If it doesn’t enrich your life, get rid! (However hard it might be, just do it!)
  • Sometimes all it takes is a change of perspective. Look at the glass half full! It works – I promise.
  • Not everyone has your best interest at heart. Learn that and learn to let them go, as painful as it might be.
  • Patience is a virtue. – which I struggle with, ha!
  • Sometimes all you need is ice cream, or a glass of wine, or both.
  • Friendships require diligent attention and effort.
  • We don’t have a “boring life”. We have a simple and happy life.
  • Passing judgement truly just makes you an a-hole.(but sometimes we can’t help ourselves)
  • A title should never determine your self-worth.
  • Trust your gut!
  • Strive to not be happy but to be content.
  • Money can buy a lot of things but it cannot buy you class.
  • That drinking enough water thing, really is legit.
  • That the dentist did not lie when he told you to floss daily. It too, is a legit thing. Believe me!
  • You are in control of your destiny.
  • Loving yourself is a challenge but achievable.

All in all life has been good to me thus far:

I have found my soulmate and we will celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary this year.

He is also my best friend.

I have found my passion and career path and feel so blessed.

Made some amazing friends, have a home and a wonderful dog.

Our families love us as we do them. It’s all pretty wonderful!

Here’s to year 30, but more importantly here’s to embracing life, its lessons and realising it will all be okay!

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